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SkullSparks partners with college teams to improve digital and design strategy. We also promote digital, design and video opportunities to the largest network of college athletics creatives in America.


Digital and design are vital for college athletics brands in shaping perception and inspiring action. Are you ready to compete as hard in digital and design as your teams compete on the field?


SkullSparks produces and shares a wide range of college athletics social media analytics throughout the year. View archived charts, statistics and detailed background information in our FAQ.


SkullSparks promotes digital, design and video opportunities to the largest network of college athletics creatives in America. We’re widely recognized as a leader in this space by both experienced professionals and up-and-coming talent.

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Founded in January 2016 in Tulsa, SkullSparks has grown rapidly with the rising importance of digital and design in college athletics. We serve client teams from across the country.


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