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    View the latest digital, design and video job opportunities from college athletics departments across the country…

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    SkullSparks partners with teams across the country on digital brand strategy. How exactly do we do that?

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    View archived college athletics social media infographics and charts plus detailed background information…

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SkullSparks partners with college sports brands across the country on digital strategy. We also promote design, digital and video job opportunities while expanding America’s largest network of sports creatives.


Digital and design are vital for college sports brands in shaping perception and inspiring recruits, fans and donors to action. Are you ready to compete as hard in digital and design as your teams compete on gameday?


SkullSparks produces and shares a wide range of sports social media analytics throughout the year. View archived infographics and stats plus detailed background info in our FAQ.


SkullSparks promotes design, digital and video job opportunities to the largest network of sports creatives in America. We’re widely recognized as a leader in this space by both experienced professionals and up-and-coming talent.

About SkullSparks

Founded in Tulsa in 2016, SkullSparks has grown rapidly with the rising importance of digital and design in college sports. We serve 200+ programs across America while networking 29k+ sports creatives, coaches, admin and staff.


SkullSparks partners with college sports brands across America on digital strategy.


View the latest creative opportunities in college sports design, digital and video.


Updated archive of our infographics and charts plus SkullSparks analytics FAQ.


Explore thousands of examples of the best visual content shared by college brands.


View motion content created by college sports brands including GIFs and video.


Take a step back from individual designs and examine overall branding packages.


SkullSparks serves 200+ college athletics programs, conferences and bowl games across America. | About Us