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Which college teams are leading the nation in #smsports visual communication? We invited 317 college athletics design and digital staff to share their opinion. After nearly 8,000 votes from across the country, here are the Top 10 from the FCS and D1. Teams are listed in no particular order.

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SkullSparks encourages Athletics Departments to prioritize design and digital staff. Creative teams are vitally important in connecting and engaging fans and recruits in 2018.

Design is highly subjective. Every team has unique strategies and resources. Teams are focused on designing specifically for their stakeholders. We cannot know the internal priorities of every department. We only see external content, just as fans and recruits do. Voters recognized visual design based on:

★  Static visuals (no motion content, that’s another list)
★  Coordination across all sports and designers (not just football)
★  Communication of unique DNA of program
★  Branding consistency
★  How well designs compete with other content in social feeds
★  How designs maximize impact on specific social platforms

In an effort to recognize all levels of college sports, we’re sharing several lists for 2018:

Power 5 | G5 & Independents | FCS & D1 | FootballMotion

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Thank you to the athletics staff working behind the scenes to connect fans with the teams they love.

Jason R. Matheson