College Basketball Starting FiveWhat is the purpose of starting five posts for college basketball teams right before tip? The rational answer is to communicate the players on the court to start the game.

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Vignola But that’s commodity content. Anyone can communicate it. Fans watching on TV will see the starting five. Radio will announce it too. Any media can tweet it. Besides, the lineup will likely change at the first timeout.

Thongwa We’ve always believed social media is best utilized to engage the emotional experience of being a fan. A starting five post represents an opportunity to build excitement for the game, to heighten anticipation for tip, to fire up your fans.

With that in mind, here are starting five posts that jump off our college basketball feed:

To review many more starting five posts from across college basketball, check out this moment:

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Thanks to the athletics staff working hard behind the scenes to connect fans with the teams they love.

Jason R. Matheson