Since launching SkullSparks a year ago, we’ve enjoyed working with big and small teams across the country. We’ve grown in lockstep with the rising importance of digital in college athletics.

We initially set out on this venture to assist teams in developing digital strategy. That has remained our primary focus.

Along the way however, we’ve frequently been asked by teams to assist in hiring niche athletics positions. Locating talented digital directors, social media coordinators, graphics and recruiting designers in an efficient manner is challenging for hiring personnel.

If you follow SkullSparks on Twitter, you know we’re always championing the hard-working digital teams behind the teams. We’ve cultivated a highly-tuned database of industry leaders and new talent.

It’s rewarding to help the best and brightest advance their careers. It just makes sense to leverage that knowledge to help teams advance their cause too.


As we embark on our second year, we launch our new site with an expanded focus on servicing the personnel side of college athletics digital.

And yes, our focus will remain on college sports. Why?

Primarily, it’s where we have the greatest experience. College athletics is unique with multiple sports and seasons under one brand. It’s unique for the campus and educational experience, the devotion of its fans. It’s unique for recruiting, fundraising and adherence to ever-evolving NCAA rules.

Yes, college athletics is uniquely challenging and we love it.

If you’re tasked with making your team more competitive in the digital arena, we can help. If you’re interested in opportunities to advance your career, we can help there too.

Above all, we appreciate our client teams and look forward to the year ahead.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you to the athletics staff working behind the scenes to connect fans with the teams they love.

Jason R. Matheson