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SkullSparks develops digital and design strategy for college sports clients. SkullSparks also assists college teams in hiring creatives for design, digital, video and recruiting positions.


Digital platforms play an increasingly central role in shaping perceptions of college athletics programs. SkullSparks evaluates your team’s online brand, measures performance and benchmarks your competition to develop digital and design strategy.

Teams Hiring

Finding talented candidates for niche athletics positions is difficult, expensive and time-consuming for hiring personnel. SkullSparks partners with teams to streamline the hiring process for creatives in design, digital, recruiting and social.


View current design and digital job opportunities from college teams working with SkullSparks. Jobs open and close frequently, so please check our list often.

Job Seekers

College teams partner with SkullSparks to identify industry leaders and locate new talent for creative positions. We seek individuals with experience and skillsets in design, digital, recruiting and social.

About SkullSparks

Founded in January 2016, SkullSparks has grown rapidly in lockstep with the rising emphasis on digital in intercollegiate athletics. Clients include teams from across the country in addition to partner digital firms servicing college athletics.

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View the latest job openings in college athletics design, digital, recruiting and social.


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Utilize our extensive college sports Twitter lists and archived Moments for reference.

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Take a step back from individual designs and examine overall branding packages.

Teams Hiring

Teams hiring creative positions in design, digital and recruiting partner with SkullSparks.
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We assist teams in hiring highly-qualified talent to increase their competitive advantage.
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